Wonder Character in the Spotlight:
By:Lily Smith

Character's Tie to the Theme

I think that friendship impacted Summer the most. In the book Summer wants to become friends with August but her other friends which was the popular group didn't want her to. Also in the book some kids starting making fun of her because she was hanging out with August. .I think that Summer realized that you don't have to always be friends with the popular group and to follow your heart.

I know this because in the book there is a Halloween party and all of the kids start making jokes and they keep on asking Summer if she is dating August and jokes like that. In the book Summer stands up for both her and August because she says that they are not dating, but they are just really close friends and  I really liked that.

Character Influenes

I think that August had the biggest impact on Summer because if she had never even talked to August she would of never decided to hang out with August and she would of still been hanging out with the popular group. I think that this is important because if she had decided to still hang out with the popular group it is possible that she would of made fun of him.

I think that Summer had a big impact on August because she talked to August on the first day of school at lunch she was really nice to him. I think this is important because she made feel a little happier. I know this because in the begining on the first day of school Summer talked to August. After that August seemed to be getting a little more happier and a little less shy.

Art Representation

Claude Oscar Monet made this painting. This painting reminds me of Summer because the sun looks like it is just now starting to rise. It also reminds me of Summer because in the book when she starts talking to August it's like she is starting over and hanging out with different people.