Hero's who survive

By: Nicolette Russell

Ariel Creamer

Ariel was 14 years old when hurricane sandy happened to Rockaway, New York. her family went to Bostan the night of the hurricane and came back to a HUGE disaster. ariel decided to help out in a different way she made a facebook and posted about the children in the community that needed toys. When she did this people read and signed up to donate toy, food, and money to the Rock away community. Ariel might had been young but she did make a big differance.

Deamonte Love

Deamonte love was a very young hero. when hurricane katrina occured in 2005 deamonte was only 6 years old. he was found walking down the streets of New Orlens with five other toddalors. they had been loaded on a helicopter to get to saftey without his parents. Deamonte showed GREAT responsability. Finally deamonte was reunited with his parent and was reconised as a hero.


matt is the oldest of our heros. He was 16 years old when hurricane sandy hit rockaway. he stayed in rock away when hurricane sandy hit. Matt helped a elderly lady and her two dogs. Matt didn't care really about his Jordan,PS3, or his favorite jacket. he rather help his people in the community. Matt was a really good hero but he didn't get a reconization for his help in the community of rock away, but he still feels proud for what he did

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