Lincoln Middle School
#HourofCode 2015

December 7th- 13th, 2015
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What is Coding?

Coding is a sequence of instructions (scripts) that carry out specific tasks.  This is a critical thinking opportunity that has direct connection to math, science, and ELA standards.

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Want to learn more?

What types of coding can I try?

What coding languages are currently used?

Coding Tutorials

Introductory: (Angry Birds) (block) (7th and 8th grade ONLY)

MineCraft (block) (Flappy)

CodeCombat (block)

Scratch (block)

LightBot (block)

Inside Out (block)


Codecademy: JavaScript OR html (Script)

Code HS: (Script)

Star Wars (block or script)

CodeMonkey: (block or Script)

Grok Learning: Blockly & Python (Several Games) (block or Script)

Tynker: Arcade Shooter , Lost in Space (block or Script)


Code Avengers: JavaScript (Script)

MakeSchool: JavaScript (Script)

TouchDevelop/Microsoft: TouchDevelop (Script)