A Long Walk to Water

A Long Walk to Water is an incredible story . It's a quick read and there is suspense to it. This story also alternates between two main characters. It gives you a visual of what it's like in Sudan. Linda Sue Park writes many books with all different genres. "Her first published writing was a Haiku in a children's magazine when she was nine, she earned one dollar for it". "Her travels help her set the scene of her books". "Her two children also give her feedback on her writing" (cynthialeitichsmith.com). "She also received degrees in London and in Dublin" (Scholastic).

"She has published other groups which included Seasaw Girl, A Single Shard, and The Kite Fighters, etc" (Scholastic). Linda was also the Newbery Award-winning author of a Single Shard. She said " I can give advice to anyone's trestles in writing in one word: READ!!!" (Scholastic).


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