Linda Sue Parks

Linda Sue Parks was born on March 25th, 1960 in Urbana,Illinois

Linda Sue Parks grew up outside of Chicago

She has been writing stories ever since she was four

Linda published her first poem when she was only nine years old

In went to Stanford University where she competed on the gymnastics team and graduated with her degree in English

In 1983 Linda moved to Dublin, where she met her husband

Linda is the mother of two kids (Lindasueparks)

Linda Sue Parks has won many awards for her books including 'A Single Shard' which won a Newbery Medal.

​She has won many other awards for her books "Seesaw girl", "The Kite Fighter",and "When My Name Was Keoko".

​Linda Sue Parks has always loved reading and writing ever since kindergarten

​she said "It was the only thing besides reading that i really wanted to do"(cynthialeitichsmith).

​She has been writing poetry for MANY years and considers it "A language at its purest"( cynthialeitichsmith)

​Eventhough Linda Sue Parks loves writing it was not until the "mid 90s I discovered I wanted to do children books"(scholastic).

This picture is an example of what the main character(s) in Linda Sue Parks novel "A Walk to Water" went through.

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