The Lindbergh Kidnapping

Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr, a 20-month-old baby was kidnapped in his nursery from the second floor of his home on March 12th. A ransom note was found demanding $50,000. The criminal used a ladder to get down from the nursery. There were nine ransom notes total. On May 12th, the body was found partly decomposed 5 miles from the house. There was a hole in the skull and investigators determined the baby had been dead for 2 months.

Mystery: Did Bruno Richard Hauptmann really commit the crime?


victim: Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.

Suspects: Norman T. Whitaker and Gaston B. Means were suspects in the crime.

Evidence used: In apartment, a notebook contained a sketch of the construction of the ladder that was used in the home. John Condon's phone number and address was on a closet wall.  A Piece of wood was found in the attack that matched the wood from the ladder in the crime scene.

Narrator: Charles Augustus Lindbergh Sr.

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