The Lindbergh Kidnapping

What happened?
Charles Lindbergh's 20-month-old son was kidnapped. The kidnapper sent multiple ransom notes, and once the kidnapper got what he wanted, he gave a location to go get the baby. The baby wasn't there. He was accidentally discovered later. The medical examiner said the baby was killed two months prior, meaning he was killed soon after being abducted.

What is the mystery?

Who kidnapped the baby?!


Who is the victim?
Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.

Who are the suspects?
Violet Sharpe: committed suicide and was later ruled out
Anyone who the misinformed workers pointed out after the FBI told the banks about the situation
Gaston B. Means
Norman T. Whitaker
Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Note: the baby was important and the FBI had thousands of leads and the followed each one

What evidence was used?Ransom notes (handwriting analysis confirmed he wrote them), bills used, he matches descriptions from people who had seen him

Who could narrate the story?Someone within the FBI  

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