Lindsey Stone

Professional Assisting Individuals with Disabilities

Lindsey Stone, a resident of Plymouth, Massachusetts, has extensive experience working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. At present, Lindsey Stone dedicates her time to helping children with ASD communicate more effectively. She works with clients in their homes, practicing new vocabulary and helping them learn to express their concerns and needs verbally. To serve her clients effectively, Lindsey Stone collaborates closely with their parents to create approaches that account for the individual challenges and personalities of each child. She is heartened by seeing her clients connect more closely with friends and family members after their sessions together.

Before assuming her current position, Lindsey Stone worked for other organizations serving individuals with disabilities, including May Institute, a national nonprofit that assists people with autism spectrum disorders. Stone began as a program specialist with the organization and was promoted to a senior position after proving her dedication to and skill working with this client base. In recognition of her accomplishments with May Institute, she earned accolades from the Cape & Islands Department of Development Services Citizen Advisory Board.

When not working, Lindsey Stone enjoys exploring new foods and cultures through traveling. She has traveled to Europe on multiple occasions. During a trip to Ireland, she explored the southern part of the country, visited Dublin, kissed the Blarney stone, and saw the famous Cliffs of Moher. She has also spent time in Portugal and Spain, where she developed an appreciation for tapas. In addition, Stone has traveled extensively throughout North America and has sampled unique regional specialties, such as Rocky Mountain oysters, frog legs, and chicken hearts.

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