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What is ThingLink?

ThingLink is a leading platform for creating interactive images.  

Make your images come alive with video, text, links, and more!

How do I create a ThingLink?

  • Have a general idea of the ThingLink's topic(s) ahead of time.
  • Usually, I create the background image using Keynote and export it as a JPG image. However, any image will do, even a photo!
  • Upload the image to ThingLink and strategically add "nubbins" that include text or links to other things.
  • Sign up for a free basic education account! https://www.thinglink.com/edu

Using ThingLink for Pre-Teaching

1. First, explore the ThingLink below SILENTLY and INDIVIDUALLY for 1 minute.
2. Next, discuss ideas you learned from the ThingLink with your group for 2 minutes.
3. Finally, each group's spokesperson will share two UNIQUE ideas learned from the ThingLink.

Scavenger Hunt Strategy:
Create a list of questions students should be able to answer from the ThingLink.  Allow them to work in pairs for a set timeframe, then have students share out their answers.

Using ThingLink to Introduce Academic Vocabulary

ThingLink as a "Table of Contents"

Create a ThingLink with frequently-visited links, and embed it on your teacher website.

Once ThingLinks are created for specific topics, add new resources as you find them later.  

ThingLinks are never truly "done".

Create a "Playlist" for Differentiation

Create a ThingLink Packed With "Anchor Activities" for Students

The purpose of an anchor activity is to provide meaningful work for students when they are not actively engaged in classroom activities.


Students Use ThingLink to     Annotate Mathematical Work

Yes, There's a ThingLink App Too!

Use ThingLink to Share and Showcase Student Work

Students as Math Authors
Book Creator Projects

Students Tackle Challenging Algebra Problems Using Explain Everything

A ThingLink of Student-Created ThingLinks!

ThingLink is a great way to curate resources shared by your PLN.  Here's a sampler of many great resources shared by the Math-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere #MTBoS

I even like using ThingLink             to reflect on "learning festivals" and conferences I attend!

Ready to create a
ThingLink of your own?  

If folks create and share their ThingLinks with me... I can create a ThingLink of your Thinglinks and post it in this Tackk later! :-)

Did you catch all that?