How to drink wine at home?

To be honest, there cannot be one standard way to drink wine at home, or elsewhere. Even the wine connoisseurs share different stories on wine drinking, and how a beginner should approach a bottle of wine at home or bar. However, with this post, we do want to share a few tips that we compiled from a couple of experienced drinkers, and hope you can benefit from them.

A commitment to drinking

Those who love wine drink it often, just like they have lunches or dinners. However, by drinking often, we don't mean drinking a lot; you can take a glass of wine with the dinner. Two people – preferably a couple – can finish a bottle of wine happily rather than woozily.

A commitment to drinking wine (preferably wine from the top liquor brands in India) is much more important that an expensive glassware or hundreds of other wine drinking rituals.

You don't need a lot of wine bottles

Drinking at home should be a pleasurable experience. Anytime is a good time for taking a few sips of your favourite drink. And you also don't need to own a lot of wine to drink it regularly; just have a mixed case of whites, reds, and one or two sparklers. Replace as needed.

Invest in quality wines; most of them are not expensive. Speak to the man at the wine shop and see how he helps you pick from the top liquor brands in India, within your budget.

Basic wine drinking rituals

  • Look at the wine – tilt the glass a bit and see how the color of the drink changes from the center to its edges.
  • Swirl it around in the glass – this little movement will help the aromas open up and reach your nose.
  • Sniff the drink – bring the wine a little close to your nose and smell it.
  • Sip it – take the first sip; don't swallow it; roll it all over your mouth so that you can feel totally feel it.

We're done here; try out the tips that we've shared in this article to enhancing your wine drinking experience.

Bonus tip – if money is not a big issue, invest in a quality glassware; you can easily buy one from an online store. Also, pick your bottles from the top liquor brands in India. Liquor group Pernod Ricard India is totally trusted name in India and worldwide for top quality beverages. Talk to the salesperson at the wine shop for more.

Enhance your wine drinking experienced by opting for top liquor brands in India and tips offered by drinking connoisseurs. For more on wine drinking or liquor group Pernod Ricard India, please read our other articles.

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