Lisabeth Christy

Lisabeth Christy: Animal Lover and Habitat for Humanity Supporter

About Lisabeth Christy

A photographer based in Washington DC, Lisabeth Christy actively contributes to a variety of charitable organizations. In addition to caring for animals in need on a regular basis, Lisabeth Christy is a supporter of and volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

In 2005, Lisabeth Christy spent several summer weeks in Costa Rica with a team that built a home, from start to finish, for a family. The enjoyment she derived from the project extended beyond a straightforward construction project. She and the crew of volunteers from Habitat for Humanity offered the family a secure residence and a place to call home.

A passionate animal lover, Ms. Christy regularly looks out for the well-being of animals in need. To ensure their speedy recovery and return to the wild, she brings dozens of injured animals a year to animal rescue centers. In fact, her love for animals was the determining factor in her decision to become a vegetarian almost two decades ago.

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