LISD 1:1 Getting Started Resources

In this list, you'll find links to videos and information about Google Apps for Education (GAfE), video training for online tools, models for technology integration (TPACK and SAMR), and links to a few good educational technology blogs that you can follow. Enjoy!

Google Apps for Education (GAfE)

Watch the video below to learn about Google Classroom, then go here to learn more.


Watch a quick Chromebook introduction below (just ignore the part about email, Lancaster will still be using Outlook).

What tools can I use?

In addition to the wide array of tools in the world of GAfE, almost any Web-based digital tool will run on a Chromebook. Below are links to just a few of the many you can use in your classroom.

iTechSelect - iTechSelect is a great way to discover online resources for your classroom. Answer a few questions about what you would like to do and iTechSelect will lead you to a tool and the video training to get it done.

Kidblog - Kidblog is a free blogging platform that allows you to control access to student blogs, give feedback on their posts, and allows students to have an authentic audience for their writing.

Kahoot! - Kahoot! is a great review/formative assessment tool. Students race each other and the clock to come out on top in the standings, all while they practice what they need to know.

Nearpod - An interactive presentation tool, Nearpod allows you to send your presentation to each student device, then add polling, open-ended questions and even "draw-it" responses, all of which come back to you in real time.

Socrative - Socrative is what online quiz-makers desire to be. Set up a quiz, then get instant data and feedback on your students as they test. Set up Quick Questions and Exit Tickets for formative assessment so you know who gets it and who still needs help.

Padlet - Need a simple place for students to collaboratively post responses? Padlet is the place to do it. Brainstorm, generate lists of ideas, post research questions, all with a simple double-click on your Padlet wall.


We want more from our technology than to just be a "1,000 dollar pencil." (Alan November). TPACK and SAMR are two models for thinking about how we integrate technology to create new and innovative learning experiences for our students. Check out the videos below for a quick introduction.

Who's talking about classroom tech?

Other people have been there before, so it's good to tap into their experiences. Below are a few links to leaders in the technology integration movement that you may find helpful preparing for this pilot.



Why did we use TACKK for our resource list? Because it's a super easy to use, dynamic website creator where you can house links, videos, text, images and much more for your students. How could you use it in the classroom?