1.- Describing and exploring the features and elements of a famous painting.

2.- Classifying and recognizing the artistic period of a famous painting.

3.- Interpreting and commenting on the meaning of a famous painting.

4.- Comparing different paintings.

5.-Assessing and evaluating works of art as a way of communication.

This activity introduces students to the art world making them aware of the main steps to analyze a work of art. Guided by the teacher, students will slowly discover the main features of a work.

  • Age: 11-12.
  • Level: 6th. Primary Course.
  • Art Education.

This activity primarily affects only one competence:

6. Cultural and artistic competence.

This competence involves knowing, understanding, appreciating and evaluating a variety of cultural and artistic statements using them as a source of enrichment and enjoyment. They have to consider it as part of the heritage of peoples.

Also, to a lesser extent than before, helping to develop the skills that are listed below:

1. Competence in linguistic education.

3. Competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.

4.- Treatment of information and digital competence.

5.-Social and civic competence.

7. Competence of learning to learn.

8. Autonomy and personal initiative.

  • 1.- Searching, selecting and organizing information on art movements and painters in library resources on the Internet.
  • 2 .- Formulating basic reviews of artistic expression.
  • 3 .- Recognizing the features and elements of a famous painting (Meet the Representatives elements in a painting).
  • 4 .- Using the very basic terminology of each unit.

We are not going to rate each student in each session but we will go taking notes and collecting samples to do at the end of the activity. To help us to evaluate and rate we will take the following samples:

  • - Annotations on interventions during each daily session in our class.
  • - The research of the author and movement will be delivered to the teacher.
  • - Each group should make a mural with the analysis of a painting chosen for the professor offered.

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Subject: Research and ICT.


Universidad de Murcia, 2014.

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