Amicably//A friendly or kind characteristic. She amicably agreed to take care of the homeless puppy.

Cogitation//Careful consideration. After about a week of cogitation, he bought his sister's Christmas gift.

Concourse//A gathering. They got lost in the concourse of teenagers.

Jezebel//A cruel, shameless woman. The Jezebel threw the family into debt.

Jocosely//A joking, humorous manner. She jocosely told the story of how she met her husband.

Latent//Something that is present but not exhibited. His confidence was latent when he gave his speech on Thomas Edison.

Presumption//Assuming something to be true. His presumption was inappropriate.

Spencer//A small, tight jacket. The spencer was missing a button.

Staunch//Strong, firm, dependable. The dog had a staunch love for her owner.

Tumbril (or Tumbrel)//A wheelbarrow, essentially. She used the tumbril to transport the debris in her yard.