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week 10


well i knew it would happen eventually...i am behind in my posts!!  going to try and keep up from here! and don't worry, i've been keeping up with belly pics, just not posting them. so, we had a little bit of a scare on monday because of some contraction-like cramping that I had sun-mon. i called my doctor just to make sure that it was "normal" and they immediately said they wanted to see me. needless to say, i then freaked out a bit all worried that this supposed what i thought was "normal" cramping was possibly something more serious. so aaron and i left work and jetted off to the dr's to get checked out. they then couldn't find the baby's heartbeat with the doppler device and I REALLY freaked out. they whisked us to the ultrasound room an 10 seconds later there was our little peanut with her little heart thumping away :) HUGE sigh of relief. i look back at this incident now realizing that this is how i will feel the rest of my life...the thought of something happening to this tiny little human growing inside of me, who i haven't even met yet, and who can barely move around, was devastating. i really am consciously telling myself that there are things i can't control and what will be, will be. but wow, i just wasn't prepared for the love and concern you feel for your unborn child when you become pregnant. it's really mind-blowing.

UPDATE: since i've had a lot of people ask - we don't know that it's a girl YET :) i just don't like to say"it" so i generally go back and forth with boy/girl depending on how i feel. lately, i've had a hunch about a girl, hence the "she" :). we officially find out at my next dr's appt on may 28th!!! let's hope he/she's not in a modest mood!!! :)

ok, enough serious stuff...

our baby is the size of a prune!!

this week's ultrasound

the only good thing about not finding the baby's heartbeat with the doppler is that we got to have a quick peek at her! still a little peanut!

this week's belly pic

just a tiny one!