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week 11

2nd (3rd) dr's appt

my officially 2nd (but actually 3rd after last week's scare) doctor's appt was this week. after not being able to find the heartbeat with the doppler device last week, i was pleasantly surprised that my doctor found it with no problem! fast and strong and perfect! all else is well and i'm all set to travel next week! i'm feeling better in general, but still have nauseous days for which i am miserable. HOPEFULLY, that will let up soon.


we made our news public this week! it was so much fun telling everyone our exciting news! everyone at work was ecstatic of course. :) my favorite reaction was that of one of the front office ladies, beverly, who couldn't stop screaming and hugging me :). it was awesome :). most people either shook our hands (you know the professional work environment types :) or hugged us both. I get constant stares at my tummy now, people trying to catch a glimpse of a bump. it's all fun and exciting! a lot of people said they knew, or figured, or had a sneaking suspicion that something was different...that i had said something that clued them in :). but i'm not surprised because it's really hard to hide when it's all you can think about!! i am very relieved that the cat's finally out of the bag (where the heck does that phrase come from?!) and that i don't have to hide it anymore! i know they say that when you get pregnant you are constantly aware of other pregnant women, but man are there a lot of my friends pregnant right now!!! i can easily name 10 and there will likely be a few more soon!! 2 of them due within days of my due date! it's something that really brings women together. just yesterday i had a random email conversation with an old lab mate who i haven't talked to in 10 years! it was like we'd been friends the whole time…sharing our pregnancy stories. :) i'm so excited for all the fun stuff ahead!

our baby is the size of a lime!!

this week's belly pic

belly bands all the time now. or spandex. love the spandex.

our announcement!