my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 13

clothes, clothes, clothes!

we're almost at the end of the first trimester and i can't wait. i'm still waiting to get my energy back and for the end of the nausea so i can feel like super woman (as my friend meg describes the second trimester :) i am forever grateful to friends (meg and kacey!) for letting me borrow a slew of maternity clothes as i officially do not fit in probably 80% of my pre-pregnancy clothes! oops! :) i took this as an opportunity to take advantage of some major sales at gap, old navy, and a pea in the pod with 4 huge orders of maternity clothes. i forgot to take into account my ever-expanding chest and ordered my pre-pregnancy size (which is what they say to do) so a lot has to go back. probably not a bad thing as i otherwise would have blown my budget for may. but i did get a few key pieces for work and play, mainly from a pea in the pod, which is my new addiction. really nice quality and reasonably priced (when on sale :). maternity pants really are the most comfortable things EVER! excited to not be stressed in the morning about what i can fit into and still be comfortable! you will see many of the new outfits in the upcoming belly pics of course :).  

our baby is the size of a peach!!

this week's belly pic

slightly a mess after a day of cleaning, but had to get a pic before 14 weeks!