my pregnancy journey

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week 14

second trimester!!!

HELLO second trimester!! so nice to meet you! i am FINALLY starting to feel more like myself and am loving it. i'm so happy to:

1) enjoy the taste of food again

2) NOT want to puke every second

3) have the energy to not only stay awake during the day, but also run and do yoga again! yay!

4) have a little bump!

i started back at yoga about 2 weeks ago and am LOVING it. it somehow feels even more important and meaningful now and i am trying to use it as a way to bond with my body and baby. it makes me feel so much better physically and mentally and am so happy to be back at it. i "ran" for the first time this week and didn't know what to expect, but it went incredibly well. even though it was a little hot out, i went slow and was able to go 1.5 mi at about 11:30 min/mi without my heart rate going above the 150's. waaaay slower than my normal, but i felt great and don't want to push it. i am running for 2 now :)  

i still have a huge appetite, but it's so nice to want to eat more than just bagels, cucumbers, and Wendy's :) i eat a meal/snack every hour-ish, but can't eat a lot at one sitting. we were somewhat surprised that my food intake has more than DOUBLED our monthly grocery budget! this kid's already expensive! just for record's sake (because i use this as my pregnancy journal - aren't you guys lucky :), here is what i eat on a typical day:

first thing: steel cut old-fashioned oatmeal with REAL new hampshire maple syrup (thanks kai!)

early morning snack: banana

mid-morning snack: plain yogurt with local honey and granola

lunch: pb&j or tuna sandwich and something sweet - dark chocolate or TWIX!

early afternoon snack: something cracker-y. i am hooked on POPPED rice cakes or these white cheddar grain puff things or popcorn or cheetos - i love cheetos :)

mid afternoon snack: string cheese! why have i never eaten it before! it's delicious!

late afternoon snack: some sort of fruit. usually an apple or orange

after work snack: some sort of veggie or anything laying around. cucumbers and celery are staples right now

dinner: i get to pick because i'm pregnant! :) i can get used to this :)

snack before bed: popcorn or chocolate milk or cookies or anything else i can pick on

whew!! when i write it all out it sounds kind of crazy. it's really not that much i guess, just spread out throughout the day.

well that's all for this week - i'm hungry :)  

our baby is the size of a lemon!!

this week's belly pic

maternity pants, here we come!