my pregnancy journey

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week 15

week of fun!!!

week 15 was a week of fun! our good friends Ty and Ryan visited us and brought their adorable 11-month-old, Liam. we had such a great time chasing him around! i got a glimpse of what parenting will be like as i had Liam by myself on saturday while the boys put the boat in the water and Ryan was at a work function in Biloxi. it just made me all the more excited for the fun and new adventures to come!

we also went to a wedding in new orleans this weekend and had a blast. it was gorgeous and all our friends were there. see pics from the weekend below!

weird pregnancy stuff: i thought i'd take some time to point out some of the weird stuff that's been happening to my body that i never really anticipated…

- hair grows REALLY fast. like stupid fast. like, i can't keep up because i refuse to shave my legs everyday, fast. :)

- acne. ewww. #teenageprobs

- itchy belly. it will probably only get worse.

- cellulite. awesome.

- feeling the weight of my uterus in certain yoga poses. WEIRD!!

- i can feel my heart beat most of the time and usually throughout my whole body.

- weird mouth stuff: my teeth get fuzzy really fast and my gums bleed easily

- a stuffy nose and nosebleeds!

other than the weird stuff, which really isn't bad, i am feeling great!


our baby is the size of an orange!!!!!

some pics

this week's belly pic

and after 4 dresses, the 5th one fit! mainly because it was spandex!