my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 17


on friday, may 30, i felt the baby move!!! i hadn't been sure up until this point, because it was difficult to distinguish between the baby and indigestion… but on friday night, while i was curled up on the couch watching TLC's bride day, i felt a very clear and prominent "kick, kick"! and then a few more a couple seconds later. it was so cool!!! i didn't want it to stop! then on sunday, i was laying flat on my back with my hand on my abdomen when i could very clearly feel him turning and moving! i'm so excited for this part of pregnancy!

our baby BOY is the size of an onion!!!!!

trip to cat island

aaron and i sailed to cat island last weekend for a nice relaxing day trip. we had a blast and the weather was gorgeous! here are some pics from the trip!

this week's belly pic

1st time a stranger noticed i was pregnant!!