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week 18

happy anniversary!!!

we celebrated our 2nd anniversary this week! although not on the exact day because we both kinda forgot :) oops :-D we had dinner at the sycamore house - one of our fave fancy restaurants in the area. and although i didn't get to order exactly what i wanted (scallops, wine, and a brandy soaked cherry brownie :), my salmon, water, and flourless chocolate tort were all pretty damn good :). all topped off with a moonlight walk through downtown bay saint louis. it was a nice relaxing night after a crazy busy saturday. it's hard to believe that on our next anniversary, we'll have an 6-month old!!!

i am feeling the baby move now ALL. THE. TIME. and i LOVE it! it is the best most amazing feeling in the world! i don't know what we're in for though, because we seem to have a vert active, energetic child! :)

our baby BOY is the size of a sweet potato!!!!!

anniversary date night

this week's belly pic

new dress for the special occasion!