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week 24


as my belly gets bigger, i am reminded to SLOW DOWN….

it's been pretty hard for me to reduce my activity because i'm so used to being productive when i want to be. but i learned recently, it's not worth it to then feel like crap. so my new outlook is to do what i can, rest a lot, and DO NOT feel guilty. after all, i'm creating another human being and that's A LOT of work and a great accomplishment in itself! i know everything will get done and all will work out, but man i really miss my days of being active.

HOWEVER, this negativity is far outweighed by all the positive and amazing feelings i have by being pregnant. feeling our little one move and kick constantly is a feeling i NEVER want to forget and one i will very much miss once he's here. so i am still cherishing every day during this amazing journey that is pregnancy :).  

our baby BOY is the size of a cantaloupe!!!

belly laughs

as my belly gets bigger, there seems to be at least one funny/strange thing that happens every week that warrants being recorded. so i'm adding a new section to my blog - belly laughs! afterall, the best thing to do in a weird or awkward situation is laugh!

this week was the first week that the baby kept me up at night because he thought 10pm was a fine time for a dance party. laying on my side, i could feel him kicking and punching up and down on BOTH sides of my belly. it was the strongest movements i had ever felt! even aaron could feel the non-stop movement! i tried rocking him to sleep in the new glider to no avail. luckily, the glider made me tired enough to fall asleep despite his dance party!  

this week's belly pic

6 months!

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3 years ago

It's seriously the best feeling! Your little guy is just trying to get comfy in there!