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week 27


this week was amazing in that i got to go up to ohio (my LAST travel adventure before the baby!) for an awesome baby shower hosted by my mom, mother-in-law, and sister!! it was a wonderful day seeing so many family members and friends in one room!! i was overwhelmed by all the love and generosity the whole weekend. we are so blessed to have such incredible support even though we live so far away! thank you to everyone who came and gave gifts - we are so very grateful!!! see below for some fun pics!

i also got to spend some quality time with my best friends and their families, who moved around their schedules to accomodate last minute travel changes due to bad weather canceling my flights (yes plural). we hung out at one of the beach clubs we used to frequent as teenagers. it was great to see babies and how lives have changed since those crazy, carefree high school days hanging out at gilchrist beach club. i wouldn't change a thing :)

our baby BOY is the size of a rutabaga?!?!

what the heck is a rutabaga??

belly laughs

the new thing this week is hiccups!!! baby boy gets them 2-3 times a day!! the dr assures me that this is not only normal, but a great sign of lung development! so even though it kind of tickles and sometimes makes me have to pee, hiccup away!!!! i LOVE feeling the little rhythmic bumps!!  

shower pics I

shower pics II

some of you were wondering how i got all th gifts back home to mississippi. i promised to document my packing so here it is :). i brought a completely empty large suitcase which i filled with all the clothes, "soft" items, and small stuff. the rest i packed in a rubbermaid container for linda to bring when they drive down to visit in oct. it worked out great! i have my dad to thank for my awesome packing skills! :)

this week's belly pic

typical work outfit for me