my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 28

drs appts upped

dr appt went well this week. all results from glucose test and blood work came back great! because i'm Rh-negative (B- blood type) i also had to get my Rho-GAM shot today. i'm NOT a fan of needles, but this shot was cake, so i was happy :). i've also hit the milestone of dr's appts every 2 weeks! baby lev is growing great and i'm consistently gaining a lb a week like i'm supposed to :). i'm SUPER excited for our 32 week appt for an ULTRASOUND!!! can't wait to see how much our little one has grown in the last 12 weeks!!!

our baby BOY is the size of an eggplant!!

this week's belly pic

i heart rollover waist bottoms :)