my pregnancy journey

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week 30

first trip to labor & delivery

well we had our first trip to labor and delivery this week…i'd been battling a cough for over 2 weeks and my dr finally convinced me to take some medicine to try to knock it out. i wasn't thrilled with taking antibiotics and prescription cough medicine, but my coughing fits were so severe, they we causing contractions so i knew i had to do something to try and get better for the baby. well a day after i went on the antibiotics, i was sitting at my desk when i had a coughing fit and felt something pop in my left rib area. then i couldn't move without excruciating pain. i immediately called aaron who was incredibly calm, reassuring me that it was probably just a pulled muscle and to call the dr to find out what they wanted me to do. the dr said that because i felt something pop, i needed to go to the hospital because it could be a cracked rib. aaron was in my office grabbing my stuff within 2 min and we were on our way to gulfport memorial hospital. every bump and turn and cough caused major pain down my whole left side. i tried to remain calm, breathing through the pain, telling myself this is great practice for labor :).

they sent us right to labor and delivery instead of emergency. i very carefully got into a bed and the baby was hooked up to a monitor. he was unfazed and fine thank god. they didn't want to do an x-ray as it's dangerous and there really wasn't anything they could do for a pulled muscle or cracked rib. so we went home and i rested. it took about 5 days, but the pain slowly subsided. it was a good trial run for when the baby comes. aaron was incredibly calm and level headed when i was a mess. he really stepped up and was amazing. he is so the ying to my yang :).


i still can't believe how much baby lev moves. he constantly pushes out his butt (i think :) as his legs grind into my hip. it feels so cool, but so weird!! here's a video of him with the hiccups and doing acrobatics in my belly. look on the left side of my belly for the hiccup pulses.

our baby BOY is the size of cucumber!!

belly laughs

it really wasn't funny at the time, but i got us lost on back roads to the hospital. aaron was not amused. :) but i was in so much pain and not thinking clearly. so much so that i couldn't read a map :). we learned to NOT take back roads to the hospital next time :).    

this week's belly pic

three-quarters through!!!