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week 32

32 week ultrasound!!

we had our last ultrasound (as long as there are no complications) at this week's dr.'s appt! we couldn't believe how big baby lev was! he took up the entire screen! it was difficult to make out the body parts the ultrasound tech was describing because all you could see were big blobs of grey (see below). :) she assured us he is healthy and perfect and that's all that matters!  

Stats for Sept 12th

  • heart beat: 141 bpm
  • 4.1 lbs - 51 percentile
  • big head...awesome
  • measuring 32 weeks 4 days (about a week further than i am - because of his big head :)
  • head down (YAY!!) with his back on my left side and legs and feet curled around to my right
  • posterior placenta fundal (most optimal placement for birth - YAY!) and probably why i felt him move so early and why i feel his movements so strongly now. the placenta is attached to the bottom backside of my uterus, near my spine.

our baby BOY is the size of a squash!!!!

ultrasound pics


belly laughs

so after approximately 10 drs appts, i FINALLY got the hang of peeing in a cup! funny the things you get excited about during pregnancy :). i also found it amusing that i have so many pregnant friends right now with the same dr that i often recognize names on the urine samples in the bathroom...this morning, my friend emily had been there! :-D normally, i would have thought this was weird, but now it's no big deal :)  

this week's belly pic

sorry about the white on white

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3 years ago

You look so cute prego! Can't believe you are in the home stretch. Hope you can get comfortable enough to get some sleep. But if not, consider it good baby Lev training. Maybe wake Aaron too every few hours to train him. :)

3 years ago

You are glowing and so beautiful! My favorites were seeing/hearing the heartbeat and the spine :) Enjoy that bump and all his movements!

3 years ago

Looking so beautiful! Best of luck!