my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 35

mom visit!

my mom visited this weekend to help me get all the things i felt needed to be done now that i am 5 WEEKS AWAY from my due date!!! she was incredibly productive and efficient helping with everything from laundry to painting to gardening to shopping. we got the nursery cleaned, organized, and even a little decorated! no final pics yet…i want to wait until it's fully finished for the grand reveal. aaron's parents are visiting in 2 weeks and bringing a lot of the decor from ohio and i still have to make the curtains. i'm hoping to have it fully done in about 3 weeks - just in time for our little one's arrival!!   

our baby BOY is the size of a coconut!!!

nursery BEFORE

a mess!!!

this week's belly pic

finally some cool fall weather for leggings!