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week 37

2 cm!!!!!!

whoa nelly….slow down there!!

i had another doctor's appt today and I am now 2 cm dilated!!! my fundal height measured 36 inches at 37 weeks - growing great. the baby's heart rate was a tad low (110's) when the dr checked, so i had an ultrasound to make sure he was ok. by the time we got to the ultrasound room, it was back up in the 120's and he was moving and breathing fine. i have great fluid levels and he is now a hearty 6 lbs 15 oz!!! right in the 55 percentile. his head is still measuring a little big, but they assure me that is common :). we had a great laugh with the ultrasound tech who got an awesome shot of our little one's hand positioned right around his boy parts….and so it starts :)

i've been having pretty regular cramping at night now that keeps me (and aaron) up at night. apparently this is pretty common, especially at night. i don't really have problems with cramping during the day, which is great, but my back is another story. if i sit or stand for an extended period of time, i get an excruciating pain if i put any weight on my right leg. regular visits to the chiropractor and doing yoga/elliptical workouts 2-3 times a week has been helping i think, along with not staying in one position for a long time.

we've been busily working on the nursery and last minute things to get ready for the big arrival. aaron's parents arrived this weekend and have been a huge help in our last min projects and everyday chores that i've having difficulty doing now. linda and i made 24 freezer crockpot meals on sunday to make cooking as easy as possible once the baby arrives. after 2 hours of grocery shopping and 3 hours of chopping and bagging, our new deep freezer is full with ready to eat meals! i am finally feeling prepared and ready for this baby!   

our baby BOY is the size of a winter melon!!!

crockpot freezer cooking

maternity photos!!

compliments of the awesome Brittney Violet Photography!

this week's belly pic

getting closer…...

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3 years ago

Yay! You are getting so close, really any day now! But hang in there, take it easy and be gentle with yourself. You are preparing for an exhausting "marathon" and you need your strength!