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week 38

nursery update!!

well we're 2 weeks from the big (estimated) day and i finally have some respectable pictures of the ALMOST finished nursery! this weekend, linda helped me decorate and put together the some final touches. i am really happy with how it has come together. there's only a few things left to do (hang the mobile and install the video monitor) but it is basically done! now we just need him to get here! aaron and his dad will be in tupelo, ms next weekend (oct 31-nov 2) for the state swimming meet, so i'll be ok with him arriving any time after that. we just need him to stay put for one more week!!

i still can't believe we only have 2 (max 3) weeks left! the 2nd and 3rd trimesters have gone by SO FAST. it's hard for me to believe the we will soon be a family of three and i have absolutely no clue what it will feel like. this has been the only time in my life that i can't anticipate even a little how our lives will change with this new chapter. as a type A personality, a planner, and someone who loves to be prepared, it is a very strange feeling. all i know is that i will definitely miss being pregnant and feeling our little one wiggle around. i'm trying to savor these last few weeks even though the anticipation of his arrival is killing me! :)

our baby BOY is the size of a PUMPKIN!!!

very fitting with it being the week of halloween!

nursery pics

this week's belly pic

basketball belly