my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 4

telling aaron

it was SO HARD not to say anything to aaron when he picked me up from the airport. i was dying to just say the words "i'm pregnant!" but he was going straight to work after dropping me off at home, and i wanted to have time to tell him and talk about it. so i waited. and waited. and waited. 8 long hours until he got home that night. i kept myself busy by unpacking and cleaning and taking frequent naps. but it still felt like forever.

finally, he's home! i barely let him get in the door before i tell him i brought him something back from hawaii and ask him to sit down.

"why do i have to sit down?" he asks

"trust me, you're going to want to be sitting down" i say :)

i hand him a small bag and he pulls out a little orange onesie that says "little sea captain."

he looks at me with tears in his eyes.

"i'm pregnant" i whisper and start crying.

he hugs me and i cry tears of joy. i'm so relieved that i'm not the only one on the planet that knows! and his reaction was priceless. understandably, he then is a little confused because i had texted him "no baby :(" when i "got" my period last week, so i told him the whole story (see post from week 5 :).

we're both a little in shock still, but it is slowly sinking in. i don't really feel that different physically. still no major pregnancy symptoms yet except for REALLY hungry, so i am eating a lot. i'm a little tired, but not enough to affect my normal life at all. i've since taken 2 more pregnancy tests, just to be sure. all VERY positive. according to my last period, i am due oct 27. 2 days after aaron's birthday and the week before the state swimming championship meet. oops :) oh well :) the timing is perfect in my eyes (thanksgiving, christmas, and new years all on maternity leave! woohhoooo!!!!).


we also told our immediate family this week which was FUN! we told my mom via video chat - and it meant a lot to see her reaction and not just hear it. both aaron's parents and my sister we told over the phone, but it was still fun to hear their excitement! it's still a little strange that so few people know. but we want to wait until around my dr's appt (apr 1 - SOOOO far away!) or at least until i'm 8-9 weeks to tell our close friends. it seems like forever, but i'm sure it will go fast!

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