my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 5

the week from hell

well i got hit with the mother load this week (no pun intended, well maybe a little :) i went from NO pregnancy symptoms except for extreme hunger (pppfftt…) to all the symptoms at once. yep…nausea/queasiness, hearth burn, extreme boob pain (no hugging for me!), constipation, fatigue, peeing EVERY. 10. MINUTES, etc. the  list goes on. awesome.

so back when we were trying to get pregnant and i REALLY wanted a baby…boy i was naive. i was CONVINCED that once i got pregnant, i'd be so ecstatic about being pregnant that i'd WELCOME morning sickness and heartburn and all the uncomfortable symptoms that come with it, because after all, i was PREGNANT! and i was soooo excited to have a baby! EEEHHHHHHH…WRONG!!!! i have never felt more uncomfortable in my life. take that back. i feel like the 30 times i've gotten the flu in my life, but this time it doesn't just last 2 days and i can't stay cuddled up on the couch watching shitty tv all day while aaron makes me food and rubs my back. nope. i have to work and do all things i normally do AND pretend like i'm fine because no one knows i'm pregnant yet. and i feel like SHIT. i am perpetually nauseous and starving at the same time. but the thought of food makes me want to vomit. it is a vicious, awful cycle. i spend all of my energy trying forcing down food and NOT throwing up the important nutrition and calories the baby needs that i worked so hard to eat in the first place. i will do ANYTHING to feel better. i've scoured the internet to find any remedies that may help. here are a few things that i found and have tried:

jolly ranchers : i'm trying these "generic preggie pops" to see if sour hard candy really does work, and i am happy to say that it does! at least a little. now i can't eat them 24/7, but at least I can have one when I absolutely can't take the nausea anymore. not a huge fan of the sugary taste though. i'm at the "more bland, the better" stage.

ginger ale/sprite : helps settle my stomach a little, but again - too sugary for my tastes.

peppermint : smell and hard candies. Minty smells seem to help me a lot. sugar is again a problem, but better than the jolly rancher sweetness. i ordered some roll-on peppermint essential oil to put on my nose to hopefully combat all the AWFUL smells that my nose now picks up.

staying busy : i actually feel a little better when i am busy and my mind is not focused on the churning of my stomach, so that's my goal - to stay busy, but not be overworked.

exercise : i haven't ran since the day i found out i was pregnant and am considerably nervous to. i don't know how my body would react and am scared about my boobs hurting. i have done yoga but was so nauseous during that i couldn't focus.

sleep : has been the most effective at combating nausea! As long as i take a nap as soon as i get home from work, i feel ok in the evenings. the mornings/afternoons are another story, but there is definitely a positive relationship between the amount of sleep i get sleep i get and how i feel.

motion sickness bracelets : not sure if these are working or if it's just a placebo, but i seem to feel a little bit better with them on, so they're staying on.

i am praying this will subside soon and I can start enjoying pregnancy like i have always envisioned.

UPDATE : my prenatal vitamin seems to be a bit of a culprit to my nausea. i have since changed and feel somewhat better, but still not great. i will have to wait to get one prescribed that will hopefully be gentler on my stomach. in the mean time, aaron has been wonderful in putting up with my hungry, angry, sick, grumpy self and really trying his best to make me feel better. some of his best attempts have been laughter - like making me take pics like the one below to see how miserable i actually look :) i am one lucky girl :) and this baby is so lucky to have this great dad :)