my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 6

getting through

the title…getting though…is fitting for this week because i really am just trying to "get through the day" while :

1) eating enough to keep the hunger pains away

2) not puking or falling asleep at my desk

3) pretending i don't feel as shitty as i do

i know this doesn't really sound fun and is probably pathetic to read, but i know this too shall pass and i will hopefully feel better in a few weeks. until then, prepare to hear a lot of complaining. for some reason, writing about it makes me feel a little better (see "things that make me less nauseous" from last week's post). i now have full on aversions to certain smells and foods and things i liked eating before, i can't go near (strawberries?!).

on a positive note, i did take my first belly pic this week! although, i don't have one yet (i've actually lost a couple pounds :( ), it was still fun to get this tradition started!

our baby is the size of a pea!!

foods i like this week: cantaloupe, pb&j, cucumbers + ranch dressing, oranges, pedialyte freezer pops, bagels + cream cheese

foods i can't go near: strawberries, hummus, crackers, chicken