my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 7

telling friends

although i still feel crappy, this week has been fun telling our closest friends :). i broke down a told a couple of my close girlfriends here because i had SO MANY QUESTIONS and needed some support! some figured it out due to my lack of drinking and motion sickness bracelets and others we took entirely by surprise (y'all know which category you fit in :). we are still keeping the "knowers" to a minimum as we aren't out of the clear totally yet and i don't want to tell work until week 11 or 12.

my dr's appointment is FINALLY less than a week away!!! on tuesday, april 1st, we will hopefully hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time! i am beyond anxious and excited! we'll also hopefully find out exactly how far along i am. according to the medical standard "first day of your last period", i am 9 weeks today (march 26), but i think i'm only about 8ish (update: 4.1.14 I'm actually only 7 weeks!). what's a week anyway (although, i'm sure i'll be saying differently at 39 weeks :), when it's all an estimation and you can't plan any of this (can you believe i'm actually finally succumbing to this notion?!?! me?! the planner?! :). but i have quickly realized that i can't plan for any of the stuff going on in my body and pregnancy teaches you to go with the flow because that's what you have to do once the baby's born anyway.

our baby is the size of a blueberry!!

foods i like this week: bagels + cream cheese, bagels + cream cheese, bagels + cream cheese and string cheese. i would eat them all day if i could. oh and Twix candy bars, but not any other kind of chocolate cravings.

foods i can't go near: YOGURT :( still no strawberries, hummus, crackers, and chicken

part 2

bump or bloat?

so i set up my tripod in the office this weekend so it's now fairly easy for me to take belly pics (with my handy dandy camera remote). my intent was not to take weekly pics (i mean, who are we kidding, me looking cute with makeup on and my hair washed does not usually happen more than once every 2 weeks right now), but decided that i would someday appreciate the pictures where i looked my natural self anyway. that and i was feeling fairly bumpy (or bloaty?) and had made a trip to the craft store for some fun props. so here is my au natural 7 week bump (most likely bloat :) pics. :-D