my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 8

doctor's appt!

what an exciting day! we had our first doctor's appt (included a new doctor at a new office) and it couldn't have gone better! i loved the dr (thanks for the referral holly!!) and the staff as well as the office. they do everything there including lab work and ultrasounds, so i don't have to go running all over creation for either. and all their equipment is state-of-the-art and brand new. after a pregnancy test, asking about 100 questions (very patiently answered nonetheless), and a quick exam, we were sent over to the ultrasound room where we got to see and hear the baby for the first time! it's kind of hard to describe what i felt. it was a mix of utter amazement and awe at how this tiny little beginning of a human was growing inside me. the heartbeat was a strong 172 (all you wive's tale believers out there think it's a girl…i'm sick + have acne + there's a strong heartbeat = girl :) sorry aaron :). the bit of a downer was that the baby is only measuring at 8 weeks 1 day instead of 10 weeks 1 day according to the date of my last period. being 2 weeks earlier than i thought means i could possibly have 4-5 more weeks of 1st trimester ickiness rather than 2-3 (booooo) and that i also had to do a blog reorg. so i moved all my blogs back 2 weeks and now it feels like we told people really early! oh well, i feel really great at how the appt went and am just so happy to hear a nice healthy heartbeat! new estimated due date: 11.10.14!!!

our baby is the size of a raspberry!!

check out the little peanut!

foods i like this week: Wendy's OMG - i am NOT a fast food eater, but Wendy's fries and a frosty was the FIRST thing in 4 weeks that tasted as good as i thought it would. i actually enjoyed eating. it also filled me up and took away my nausea for the night. i know i can't eat Wendy's on a regular basis (it is so bad for you!), but the way it made me feel is going to be hard to forget! orange juice, bananas, Twix :)

foods i can't go near: not liking bagels as much anymore :(

Also this week...

the day of fun packages!

i always love the feeling of pulling in the driveway after work and seeing packages in front of our door! it's so exciting! well today there were 3! I was only expecting 1, so it was an even better surprise! the one i was expecting was a snoogle. for those that have no idea what a snoogle is (i didn't until last week :) - it is a pregnancy pillow. i am already having fairly restless nights due to the fact that i WAS a stomach and back sleeper, neither of which i can do now. i can't sleep on my stomach due to extreme boob soreness and can't on my back because it's bad for the baby and gives me extreme hunger pains all night. so i've got to learn to sleep on my side. after a few nights of my arms falling asleep and my hips hurting, i built a pillow fort around me that was annoying to switch them back and forth when i wanted to change sides. then i found this magical product: the snoogle pregnancy pillow:

I got this cute bird design easy remove cover one

it not only is good for pregnancy, but also for nursing and the baby in the future! i am loving it and slept fairly well last night with it.

the second package was our Shutterfly 2013 year in review photo book. this came way earlier than expected, and it was a great surprise!

the third and BEST surprise was a pregnancy care package from my sister! each item was so thoughtful and included a cute and funny explanation for each...

the care package included:

gin gins ginger candies - "when you need some nausea reduction, suck on these to sooth your tummy" (side note - these really work! way better than ginger ale!)

rosemary and peppermint body wash - "take a steamy shower or soak in a relaxing bath and breathe away your crappy feelings"

listerine pocket packs - "pop one on your tongue when you need a zap of nausea relief - people will appreciate your fresh breath and just think you're being extra thoughtful" :)

whole psyllium husks fiber - "super water-soluble fiber source that you can add to water or food to keep you 'moving' " :)

eos lip balm - "mint flavored so you can smell it to knock out the nausea"

bagel chips - "keeping something in your tummy can help…on a bagel kick - munch away!"

i am so lucky to have such an awesome sister! you made my week les! love you! xoxo