my pregnancy journey

random thoughts from a first time mom

week 9


well, i figured it out. our baby REALLY likes greasy food. unfortunately, i have found relief from my perpetual nausea by eating none other than greasy, icky food. i compare this to a really bad hangover. you know the kind, when you wake up and all you want is something greasy to soak up all the leftover alcohol that's making you feel so terrible. this includes fast food and pizza. not cool. before and after i found out i was pregnant, i had these grand plans to only eat organic and to work out and be my healthiest ever…ha! of course, the thought of organic, healthy food (except for fruit) makes me gag. and i can barely walk up a flight of stairs without panting, so running is out for now. so i have given in to the cravings only once a week to at least have a little relief from this first trimester awfulness. right now, my faves are Wendy's and a local pizza place. rest assured, i am eating really healthy otherwise!  

our baby is the size of a stuffed olive!!

things i like this week: ginger candy, greasy food :(

things that irk me: strong perfume, the reheating of weird food at work

this week's belly pic

i'm having trouble buttoning my pants and am loving the Bella belly band i can put over my unbuttoned pants! i am also soon going to need to do some new bra shopping…boy am i glad i got my reduction 9 years ago (can you believe it's been 9 years?!) because otherwise i'd really be in trouble!