LIVEBINDER 101: Creating an Online Portfolio

Wednesday, October 8th, From 3:45 pm-5:45 p.m.
in Raymond Academy's Tech Lab (Room 16)

When you hear the word "BINDER", do you SEE this? Have you starting thinking about INVEST and wondering what to put in your INVEST Binder? Showcase all that you have done this school year as an educator, administrator, counselor, nurse and more with a few clicks of your mouse. Come and learn how you can easily complete your artifacts from any digital device. Sounds intriguing...Come explore LiveBinders!

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Jacqueline Moton 3 years ago
Eryn Edgerton 3 years ago
Imelda Salinas 3 years ago
Crystin Hart 3 years ago
Mirella Ramos 3 years ago
Elizabeth Mendez 3 years ago
Adrienne Pearson 3 years ago
Geormika Butler 3 years ago

Will have to leave out before session is over

Tania Dominguez 3 years ago
Virginia Menchaca 3 years ago
? Stephanie Manning 3 years ago

I need to come see this! I am just not sure how long I can stay. Excited!

? Courtney Schattle 3 years ago

I need to double check on child care.

Shalondra Moore 3 years ago

I have Girl Scouts :(