LiveBinders is...

LiveBinders were created so that you could do with digital information what you do with the piles of papers on your desk - organize them into nice presentable containers - like 3-ring binders on your shelf.

With these online binders you can combine all of your cloud documents, website links and upload your desktop documents - to then easily access, share, and update your binders from anywhere!

Need a Binder? Follow these steps!

Livebinder Shelf

  1. Open Link
    1. ACCESS Code: aldine2015
  2. Copy binder of your choice by:
    1. Select “Options”
    2. Select “Make a Copy”
  3. Change Title
  4. Change Author

Use as you like after you’ve made the changes.

What is livebinders?

There's Literally BINDERS for EVERYTHING

How to Create & Edit Your Binder:

How to Upload a File/Document

How to Upload Multiple Files at ONCE!

How to Embed Google Docs into your Binder

Use these Great Resources to add ZEST to your Binder!