Livestock Transportation Types

Working with a livestock truck and trailer demands more knowledge, consideration and dedication when compared with the other regular type of trucks. To do a livestock transportation, you need a livestock truck, insurance and license to do that, no matter the specie of the animals you want to transport.

Today, our focus is the three type of horse transportation, the local, the interstate and the national transport. These is not that much big of a difference between these three types of horse transportation, except the distance, but still, let's explore each one of them:

  • Local Transportation: This type of horse transportation is happening to a near location, like vet ambulance or a ranch and the license is not that difficult to get if you have all the requirements.
  • Interstate Transportation: If you want to to a livestock transportation, in this case, to transport horses, the interstate implies on moving the animals from one state to another. There are few things that you need to have so you can do that, such as brand test certificates for the horses, long distance hauling papers, etc.
  • National Transportation: This type of horse transportation is happening on a national level, so you need to have a lot of paperwork prepared for your livestock truck and to have a good plan if you're doing this.