Mental illness

My mental illness i picked was Anxiety Disorder. The definition of Anxiety is you have a hard time being around other people and going out in public. It is hard to make friends and to interact with people. You tend to worry a lot and you can be really nervous. It can also lead to Anxiety attacks.

Anxiety disorder is the most common illness in the U.S. it effects over 40 million adults in the United States.

Someone can tell if they have your mental illness if you both act the same or pick up on the same things.

The treatments that can help Anxiety are there is special groups you can go to and talk to people. Also certain medications can help.

They can get help by talking to someone and finding someone going threw the same thing.

You can go on websites like; Anxiety and Depression Association Of America. Also there are books about Anxiety disorder.

One statistic is Anxiety disorder develop from complex set of risk factors, include genetics, brain chemistry, personality and some life events.

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