Dfa Climate
By: Tanay Singhal

    A Dfa climate consists of Humid Continental weather, hot summers, and is wet all year.

     Dfa climates are located in northeastern and mid-western United States, east-central Europe, northern China, and northern Korea.

     The average temperature of the coldest month is 27°F or lower. The average temperature of the warmest month is greater than 50°F.

     Precipitation in this climate is equally spread across the year. The yearly precipitation total is between 20 and 45 in.

     There are three types of forest zones including the warm forest, the temperate forest, and the cold forest. In the warm forests, there are the evergreen and the deciduous forest zones, which include the Japanese coral tree, oak, and chestnut tree. The next zone is the broadleaf deciduous tree zone. The species found here are oaks, loose flower hornbean, and Korean Ash. In the cold forest zone, there are many species including the Korean pine, the Japanese stone pine, and the Japanese yew.

    There are many animals that live in the Dfa climate including the European green lizard, the Fallow deer, the Koi, the Red squirrel. These animals have the qualities to adapt to the Dfa climate.


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