My summer

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My summer was fun,well in my opinion.It contained video games,tumblr,youtube and lots of music and of course summer.My grandma actually came to visit us in summer and we wanted her to have a nice fun time so we took her to Seattle.It was a five hour trip which meant new music.I downloaded so much music and got addicted to a song called bulls in the Bronx by pierce the veil.When we were at Seattle the first place we went to was The farmers market.We got to see lots of stuff there and I also got a book at there bookstore.When we were at the farmers market my sister found the gum wall which i got to stick my gum on.Once we were done at the farmers market we took a train to go to the EMP museum which was so amazing.My favorite exhibit was the sci-fi or horror exhibit.We also went to the science museum and got to see a light show dedicated to the Beatles.My sister and I were going to touch a brain but it was too late. In the science museum there was an insect exhibit and they had a display case that had dishes that had  insects in them i sort of felt sick to my stomach when i saw them but still took a picture There was also this butterfly room which was pretty warm and i got to see so much butterflies..on the next day we went on a ferryand almost lost my little sister.I laughed because i heard her loud and clear yelling "MOOM".After the little incident we went on  then ferry which was a bit boring.But after that we got to go to the top of the space needle. Apparently the elevator goes 800 feet per minute.I got this big Seattle cup while I was up there.The view is so beautiful at night.I also got to got to the aquarium I didnt get to see any sharks oh well at least i got to see a seal .After the fun day we had to go home.Once we were home my days were mostly spent inside with my 3dsxl or on the laptop.The only time I  went outside was when i wanted to draw which was every week.I also wrote some stories in summer they were all horror.And when I wasn't on my phone or ds i was reading and my book collection slowly grew.It was also my sisters birthday which was really fun we went to bumpers and I was in 3rd place at bowling.I think that was my lucky day because i also finished Legend of zelda ocarina of time which felt like i accomplished something.And that was basically my summer it was pretty cool if you say so myself.

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3 years ago

Great job! Watch your punctuation!! Love the background pattern!