My name is Vianey and my last name is Morales, I'm 18 years old, I from Mexico. I'm a university student, I don't work because I want to dedicate completely to my studies. I'm not married but I have a boyfriend, I want to learn English because I like it and I want to add it as my second language to my curriculum.

I live in Victoria City with my family. My family is consisted of 3 members. My dad; his name is Juan, he was born in Tampico, he is 40 years old. My mom; her name is Rosario, she was born in Padilla, she is 42 years old and my little brother; his name is Jair, he was born here in Victoria City and he is 12 years old.

My address is M-61  L-32  #126  and my phone number is 834-341-86-66. My hobbies are listen to music, sing, but only when I'm alone and I love to buy shoes. Finally, I hope to continue my career in the university and be someone in life. :)

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