Do You Need To Hire An Attorney For Immigration Related Affairs?

When you want to protect yourself from loads of aggravation, worries, hassles, and waste of time, hiring an immigration lawyer makes sense. Most people hired them for assistance related to application submissions and immigration documents like Green or Visa card. Requirements under the immigration law are sometimes quite hard to understand and in such situations an effective legal aid can prove to be a lifesaver. However, in certain situations you simply cannot avoid using their advice and guidance. So which are some possibilities that you should know about?

Is this a matter of crime conviction?

All the immigration forms ask the applicants regarding their past criminal records. If this is relevant in your situation, you will need to disclose everything even in cases where dropping of charges has occurred. Instead of a criminal lawyer, hire somebody who is well versed with immigration law, as you know very well how these two topics overlap.

History of exclusion or deportation

Such situations are also quite different from your regular immigration scenarios and as such require specialized legal help. In most cases, history of exclusion or deportation means that you will never be able to apply for Green or Visa card ever again. You will be able to understand the effects clearly by talking with your immigration attorney.

Rejection of immigration applications

Professionals will know very well the reasons behind the rejection of a particular application and they will be able to explain that to you in clear, precise terms. If there is a way out of this quagmire, you will always get the right solutions from their side. If appealing against the denial, you will be able to undertake such proceedings with their help.

Presence of medical condition

Certain medical conditions may be the grounds for rejection of immigration application and it is important that you know about them before applying. This especially happens in cases of communicable diseases. You'll be able to understand your situation better with the right legal aid by your side.

Late processing of application

Do you feel that your immigration application is taking inordinately late in processing? Attorneys are well versed with waiting times and deadlines. In some cases, they may also help you with faster processing of application by rushing the procedures.

Problems with employment-based visa

In certain situations, your prospective employer may be making it difficult for you to get on with immigration processes. Such visas tend to pose many complications in processing. Lawyers can ensure that your future employers fulfill obligations and not make the procedure unduly hard for you.

Additional paperwork requirements

Immigration officers may ask for additional documentation in support of your application. If you are finding yourself at sea in this regard, do not waste time in contacting the competent law offices and seek professional help.

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