Childrens reaction to guns

By: D.J. McClure

When it comes to kids there is no knowing in what they are going to get into. They have a mind of there own and they don't know what they are even doing themselves half the time. They are in there own world and do what they want and make stupid decisions because they don't know better. This is why there is a lot of concern with kids and guns safety.

If you are a parent to a kid you know that they admire you and want to be like you. If they see you shooting a gun they might want to as well. They think that if you can do it then they should be able to handle it. You might not know that your kids know were you keep your guns. That is why they need to be locked up and away from the ammunition.

It is time to wake up America. Locking your guns and ammo up is a simple and easy way to keep your kids safe. It is as simple as storing your ammo in a different place then yous guns so if they find it they cant shoot a non loaded gun. They need to be stored separate so that way if they find 1 of the 2 they will still be safe. If not then there can be a bad dangerous consequence.

There are many other thing that you have to worry about as a gun owner. If you think that you will be okay by simple telling you kids not to touch your guns your wrong. Kids like to disobey there orders so even if they are told not to touch the guns they would do it just because they were told not to.  This is why there shouldn't be no short cut in locking up your guns. Your kids lives are at risk with every non locked up gun.

A Harvard survey has shown that 2 million kids live in a house with guns. Out of that 2 million, 1.7 million are not locked up properly. Even if they are locked up don't leave them loaded. The kids may find the keys and unlock the safe or wear ever they are locked up.This is why we need to wake up America, if you don't do it for yourself do it for your kids safety.

(When It Comes to Kids and Guns, There's No Such Thing as an "Accident")

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