Be Happy!

I'm living in the snow, almost. HAHALast Monday was Ronaldo's birthday, my classmate. So, my Brazilians friends and I went to his house to celebrate. However, the view outdoor was so beautiful, so beautiful that I decided to take some pictures there. It was -14.C. I jumped, I fell, I sat... Next that, I took off my jacket! Yes, I was crazy! When my mom sow the picture, immediately she sent me a text messenger: "Don't do it, again! You can be sick!".

- Sorry mom, don't worry. I just was kidding. I was without my jacket just some seconds.

Every Brazilian guy need to a picture like that. The boys, sometimes, took a picture wearing just swimsuit, and then they post in the social networking!

In Brazil there isn't snow. I must enjoy all the ways! I need to do a big snowman, yet, and a angel, but I didn't have time. Next time, I'm going to do!