English Portfolio
Cheyenne Hiebner
9th Grade
December 12, 2014


My Best work

English is one of my best and favorite classes. This is because I love to read, and the stories we read in class are interesting, allowing me to remember the vocab words easily. I also love the way this class is relaxing and not stressful.

This portfolio will show how I have grown over the first semester.

Why did i chose this piece?

I included The Most Dangerous Game, because I loved reading the story and it was really easy to finish it. In this story, I changed the whole story to a What If story. This is one of my best pieces, because it was fun to write and i enjoyed using my imagination to make the story different.

This piece is one of my strongest pieces and I think I did really well with describing things.

The most Dangerous Game. What IF?

It was Rainsford’s first night in the tower; all he heard was the pitter-patter of rain on the roof and someone walking and locking each door. He was just dozing off, when he heard hollers and the toot of a yacht horn. Rainsford scrambled to the window. The glow of the moon highlighted the men with weapons and a yacht on the shore. To Rainsford, it looked like they may be for hunting big game. Then a man turned around and Rainsford couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Whitney! What was he doing here? Had he thought that there would be good game here or was he looking for him? He tried to open his door but it was locked. Then he tried his window; it was also locked. He would have to wait till 7:30 morning tomorrow to find out.

The next morning Rainsford couldn’t wait till the doors would unlock. Once it was, he hustled to the dinning hall where his 5 hunting companions, Zarnoff, and Whitney were standing, soaking wet. “My dear friend!” called Whitney. They then embraced each other. Zarnoff then suggested that they go visit over a pancake and sausage breakfast. They all agreed.

When they all got together Zarnoff explained that he wanted to change his game… he wanted to fight them all instead of just Rainsford or else they would each go up against Ivan, one by one. Going up against Ivan would mean that they all would have to fight Ivan. They all of course had to agree.

That afternoon they set out with just one knife and lots of food. How the game worked was that Zarnoff would hunt them all down and try to kill him. If he hadn’t found them by the third day, he could send out his dogs. If he survived Zarnoff’s dogs, then he would win the game. But, Zarnoff decided to change the rules on them and within fifteen minutes of running they heard dogs chasing their scent, and soon the dogs were at their heels ready to attack. Rainsford yells in a panic and sits up quick. “Oh good it was just a dream!”


why did i chose this piece?

I included this piece as well, because it was really fun to write. It was easy for me to write this because the story was really interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

I think that my detail was really good and that I described things really well.

The Necklace, Part 2

After coming home from giving her friend the necklace, Loisel mopes to her bed feeling as if she just as well die and get it over now. After that thought, she wept. She cried for was seemed like seconds that turned into minutes then hours. When she peeked at her wall clock she saw she had been pouting long enough and tended to the chores. She started with gathering water. She walked the steps up and down 3 times before she had enough water for that night’s meal, and other things she needed water for. While she waited for the water to boil, she cleaned the clothes and washed the floors. Next, she started on making the stew. When the stew was in the oven, she got started on sweeping the floor then mopping it. She had seen better work than what she did, but it would have to do. As she was washing the laundry, from past days, she smelt the sharpness of smoke in her nose. She set out in a sprint to the kitchen and dumped a bucket of water in the oven. They would be having milk and cheese sandwiches again tonight.

The next morning, she packed her husband a cheese sandwich with burnt sweet potato chips. Her husband had 3 jobs to attend to every day. The first one from 6:30 to 11:00, then 11:15 to 2:50, and 3:00 to 6:00. This is how their life was for the next 10 years until they had finally paid back all they owed.

It was a Tuesday and she was on her way home from the grocery store, when she spotted her friend that lent her the necklace. As she walked closer to her, she realized that she was wearing the diamond necklace. How could she wear such jewelry with such a shabby outfit? She walks up to her and says, “Forestier, hello. It’s been ages since I’ve seen you… and may I ask why you are wearing such a valuable necklace with those shabby work clothes?”

“Oh my dear me… and you are?”

“It’s me Forestier, Loisel? You lent me that diamond necklace years back. Don’t you remember, my dear friend?”

“Oh, yes! But my dear, I have NEVER worn a diamond necklace in my life! Nor, have I ever owned one. Why this is just paste. Its not worth anymore that this dress I’m wearing!” Says Forestier.

As she walks away, Loisel stands there, left aghast. Had she been living in the life of drabness for no reason at all?


Why did i choose this piece?

I chose this piece, because the story was really interesting and enticing. I didn't want to stop reading the story till it was over. When the story ended it made me want to know how the family ended up feeling about his death and how it affected them. So, in this story I told how it effected Doodle's family after his death.

I think that I did a really good job at detail and staying on topic.

The day of doodle's death

The morning Doodle died was just an ordinary day. The sun rose at the same time it always did, we gathered together at breakfast and dinner like we had before. When the rooster crowed that morning I woke up Doodle, like always, and I went to milk the goat while Doodle gathered the eggs. When Doodle was in the chicken coop he came out filled with delight. One of our “hatching eggs” had hatched and in a year it would be ready to give us eggs.

Once we gave the milk and eggs to our mother, and had breakfast, we went to Old Women Swamp like we did almost every day. While we were there we practiced walking, and what Doodle calls jogging, but really it just walking a lit faster than usual. Anyway, it was time to head back for dinner, so Doodle and me started walking back home. When we got home father was talking about how the land was drying up and how he’d hoped we would have enough crop to pay the bills.

While Doodle and me were walking back to the Old Women Swamp, Doodle kept mentioning the Scarlet Ibis bird. I told him to knock it off and get focused. “We have to make you strong!” I kept telling him. While we were rowing, dark clouds were rolling in. Doodle and I rowed as fast as we could. I could tell by Doodle’s face that he was tired and needed a break, but I kept pushing him harder than I should have. When we got to land Doodle suggested that we should just wait it out under a tree, but I thought that this was the perfect time to test Doodle. I started sprinting as fast as I could to encourage Doodle and keep him going. When I turned back I didn’t see him. Sprinting, I ran back to Old Women Swamp were Doodle sat. When I shook him he fell over with blood all over. I knew right then that I had done a terrible thing. I had killed my brother; when I was younger I never wanted him because he wasn’t extraordinary in any way. Now I know not to take anything, not anything for granted. After he died my family suffered for weeks, maybe months before we completely recovered. I still think of Doodle all the time and often visit his grave that sits right beside the Scarlet Ibis.


In conclusion...

This portfolio has shown my growth this semester. I have been getting better at grammar and punctuation. M.U.G. shots have helped me to notice possible mistakes and punctuation errors. I am getting better at writing and creating suspense and making my story interesting and something people wouldn't want to put down. I feel as if my grades are good and are an example of how I have progressed throughout the semester. My favorite stories by far were The Most Dangerous Game, and The Scarlet Ibis. I enjoyed these to stories the most because there was almost always suspense and things in the story that make me want to keep reading. I struggle the most with grammar and learning vocabulary. Though the stories do help, I usually get confused if there are two words that have close to the same meaning. Flowers for Algernon, was a really good book and I'm looking forward to reading The Enders Game, and Romeo and Juliet.