My Dog

This is my dog Brutace. We found Brutace running around our property with a big infection on his neck. My mom got some penicillin and gave it to Brutace for a week. My mom saved his life! Brutace  looks very mean but let me tell you this, ''Brutace is the biggest ham bone'' my mom says.I had another dog and his name is Harrley. Harrley was also a ham bone my mom also said. Harrley and Brutace became best friends. Harrley and Brutace were the same kinda because they are both sweet dogs but if someone tried to hurt me or my family my dogs will become very mean and attack that person.I lost both dogs when my family and I moved.I miss them very much and i will always remember them and we still look for them in the pound and when we drive in the neighbor hood, i miss them very much and i hope that one day we will find them. My mom thinks that our land lord who lived by us took the dogs and droped them off somewhere. I hope we find them.

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