Team 7-3 Omaha zoo trip

Caitlyn Marquardt
May 1 2014

We are ready to go in ...finally

The blue tang is blue so it can camouflage into the water.

common name: blue tang                      

Scientific Name: Paracanthurus hapatus

Biome: ocean                                            

Home range/Habitat: Pacific ocean and rocky areas

Fish adaptations                                                       Blue tang adaptations

1. Breath with gills.                                                   1. lives in coral reefs and coastal waters.

2. They have fins.                                                      2. It is blue so it can blend into water.

3.  live in water.                                                         3. Feeds on algae.

4.  Different colors and patterns.                         4. Are high-bodied and pancake shaped.

5. They have colors to blend into the ocean.     5. There spines are yellow

This leopard frog is a medow frog or a grass frog.

Common name: leopard frog (native to north america)                 

Scientific name: Rana pipiens

Biome: Tropical rain forest                      

Home range/Habitat: North America or wetlands

amphibian adaptions                                               Leopard frog adaptations

1.  Metamorphosis                                                     1. powerful legs

2. lungs                                                                        2. great swimmers

3. live in water and land                                          3. live in wetlands

4. cold blooded                                                          4. camouflage  

5. scales                                                                        5. medium-size

The Komodo Dragon is the largest lizard in the world

Conman name: Komodo Dragon (endangered animal)                     

Scientific Name: Varanus komodoensis

Biome: savanna/grassland                         

Home rang/habitat: Desert/juggle

Reptile adaptation                                               Komodo Dragon adaptations

1. exothermic                                                         1. saliva that can kill any prey  

2. scaly skin                                                           2. sharp claws

3. live in heat                                                        3. powerful legs  

4. Camouflage                                                     4. long tongue  

5. can adapt to heat                                           5. Bacteria in its mouth   

King penguins are the smallest antarctic penguins of them all.

Conman name: king penguin

Scientific name: Aptenodytes patagonicus

Biome: tundra

Home range/habitat: Antarctic/Southern oceans

bird adaptations                                           king penguin adaptations

1. feathers                                                        1. smooth skin

2. Wings                                                          2. water bird

3. beaks/bill                                                   3. fly less bird

4. endothermic                                              4. waddles to walk

5. warm-blooded                                           5. live in tundra

Lions are the biggest cat of them all.

Comman name: lion

Scientific Name: Panthera leo

Biome: grasslands

Home range/Habitat: Africa/Savannas                

Mammal adaptations                                     lion adaptations

1. Body Hair                                                      1. sharp claws

2. 4 chambered heart                                    2. strong teeth for prey

3. can live almost anywhere                        3. carnivores

4.Warm blooded                                           4. loose belly skin

5. vertebrates                                                 5. strong legs

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