Harold Edgerton
             By Michael Cook

Harold Edgerton was one of the best inventor that ever lived! Harold was very smart when he was he was a boy, he went to M.I.T. He invented the stop action photograph. This camera helped America in countless ways. He will always be remembered.

                                                          EARLY LIFE                                                                                                             Harold Edgerton was born in Fremont Nebraska 1903. He was the oldest of three. His parents were Frank and Mary Edgerton. Motors and machines all caught young Harold’s attention. Harold loved taking apart things, seeing how they worked and fixing them.

Harold’s uncle Ralph Edgerton, was a studio photographer, Harold became interested in photography as well! Harold worked summers during high school at the Nebraska power and light company. He cleaned and he fixed. Harold liked this because it gave him a challenge with what was happening each day.

                   Adult life

  • In 1926 Harold Edgerton went to M.I.T. He invent probably the best inventions in the history of the world! The stroboscope. It was a stop action photograph. A type of camera that would freeze anything it would take a picture of. Even if an object were going the speed of light, the stroboscope would take a picture of it. Example: One time Harold decided to do an experiment, he shot an M1 straight through an apple, the one and only stroboscope took a picture of it with no burr, full color, and crystal clear picture!
  •         Greatest accomplishments

    A little while after Harold great invention, he got a PHD at M.I.T. He decided to be a teacher there. He got his name “Doc Edgerton” after he got his PHD, Doc worked on pictures some more. He invented the underwater camera, also a in the dark camera. Also much more. He died in 1987, at the age of 84.


    In conclusion, Harold Edgerton was an amazing man. He affected Nebraska in so many ways. Nebraska would be probably the most boring state in he world without Harold Edgerton! But how he helped Nebraska is even more amazing. He invented the stroboscope! And that is why I think Harold Edgerton is a true notable Nebraskan!