Global Warming Post

the beginning of the end

Global warming, or climate change as it has also been called, is a growing problem worldwide that can lead to not only the mass extinction of polar-region animals but the mass extinction of humans! Its up to us to plant a tree or convert your car into a veggie-van (vehicle that runs on used vegetable oil). These days, fossil fuel is running low. In my best opinion, that's grounds for an alternative fuel sources. Less

Because of climate change, massive flooding would prove to be a major problem for not only arctic and antarctic wildlife but also desert wildlife! How? I wasn't exaggerating when I said MASSIVE flooding! Talk about Sea World™.

But if we start now, the human race might not have to "swim with the fishes".

Some things we could do are:

-plant a tree

-less deforestation

-less cars dependent on crude oil

Something I found very careless and irresponsible is that throughout history, there have been fluctuations in the total amount crude oil but instead of looking for alternative fuel sources, we have been labeled as a country that will invade simply for crude oil!?!?! Just tragic.

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